Terms and Conditions

Article 1 - General

These terms and conditions apply to any transaction with Tan Mai International CO., LTD., in particular, the sale and delivery of goods and the rendering of services to other parties. Any variation will only be effective if and in so far as confirmed in writing by our company.

Article 2 - Offer, contract, and price

  1. All offers and quotations are applied at particular time
  1. Price of every product maybe fluctuate up or down in the market so we always update new offer or quotation when you have inquiry
  1. We can offer FOB, CFR or CIF. It depends on choice of buyer
  1. After both seller and buyer unified product, quality, price, quantity, packing, document, payment, shipment, and delivery, we will make and sign contract
  1. Delivery process: When our bank inform “Yes” money deposit in our account (with T/T payment term) or LC swift (with LC payment term), we will begin produce or order from the factory. While we will book vessel line and make a plan to load product on board. We always update time in order that you can follow up. All documents will send you to check before signing it to restrict mistake for both. When our bank has new information about payment, we will send all original document for you by DHL and update ETA

Article 3 - Taxes and Licenses

Any export license and other taxes, duty, levy, etc in the country of origin for The Seller's account. Any import license and other taxes, duty, levy, etc in country of import for The Buyer's account.

Any delay or failure by buyer to obtain import license arising any consequence, cost, expense, damages to cargo, container demurrage/detention or storage and/or price is difference shall be for buyer's account & risks

Article 4 - Force majeure

The seller is not responsible for breach of contract due to the clauses of force Majeure such as wars, embargoes, fire, floods, civil commotion, insurrection, riots, strikes, earthquakes, tempests including but not limiting to ACTS of GODs and government's restriction or to any condition beyond the seller's control.

Article 5 - Payment

  1. With product transport by sea, we accept T/T (30% - 70%) or 100% LC at sight. With product transported by airplane, you must pay 100% T/T before loading
  1. If The Buyer doesn’t make the balance payment within 05 days from Bill of Loading date, The Seller reserves the full right to ship cargo back or sell to another party and not return the deposit to The Buyer

Article 6 - Complaints

  1. Complaints of whatever nature do not entitle the other party to a decrease of the payment obligation. Complaints against delivered goods are only accepted if these have been submitted in writing to Tan Mai International Co., Ltd after receipt of the goods within 48 hours at the latest unless otherwise stipulated. If the complaint is considered well-founded, we undertake, at its option, either to have the goods replaced or repaired free of charge or the offer the buyer a reasonable price-decrease.
  1. No complaint is accepted if the other party has tried on its own to have it revoked or has proceeded to further delivery, whereas we could have observed the alleged defect by means of verification.
  1. Complaints must be noted down on the advice of dispatch, freight letter, receipt or other acknowledgment immediately at the delivery of the purchased goods to the other party or to the other party or to the third party designed by the latter, failing which the other party is considered to have accepted the purchased goods.

Article 7 - Liability

  1. Seller: Offer the best price for customer and fine quality; doubles check quality, packing, label, documents; update schedule of transportation and loading for buyer; undertake delivery and shipment
  1. Buyer: choose product and consider price term, proceed payment term in contract, support seller to make documents

Article 8 – Arbitration

Any disappointment should be settled by amicable discussion, serious disputes would be submitted to Foreign Trade Arbitration Committee at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam.

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