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Because who needs a distinction between shops and homes when every square foot means money?As retail space in downtown Ho Chi Minh City is getting too expensive, the city's young entrepreneurs have decided to climb up the stairs.The trend of turning old apartments into shops is not new. But it was kicked into high gear in 2015, when the coveted Nguyen Hue Street transformed into a pedestrian-friendly venue.All this foot traffic has created a lot of business opportunities.For many people, a monthly rent of $10,000 to $15,000 for an average shop on the ground is just too much. They have decided to cluster into tenements of old apartment buildings, turning tiny units into beauty salons, restaurants, fashion boutiques and accessories stores.The...

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Standard specification of Vietnam Robusta green coffee beans

If you are a buyer or importer of green coffee beans, you will understand clearly the standard specification of Vietnam robusta green coffee beans. But every country, they have a little bit difference in specification. So Tan Mai International Co., Ltd would like to introduce some information follow TCVN 4193:2005 in order that you can choose the good green coffee beans:- Processing: wet-process, polishing & inwashed (dried)- Screen: #18, #16, #13- Moisture: 12.5% max- Foreign matters: 0.5% max- Black & broken: 2% max- Bean side: 90% minThis is standard for a good robusta green coffee beans, you can request factory to make by you requirement. Price is different because of many factors. Cheapest price is not the best quality, please...

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How to choose the right coffee beans

Many who are new to the world of Specialty coffee are often confused as to why they are not getting the coffee flavours they want or what they were told they can get. Did you know that choosing the right bean is as important as the right equipment and training to the formula of great coffee? It is true, coffee is a matter of taste, but there are some guidelines to follow if you want to produce the best flavours from your newly purchased maker.1. Roasting DateCoffee doesn't have an expiration date.It is an extremely perishable food product, it's changing its chemistry as a reaction to oxygen, moisture and heat. In this process it ages and goes stale. Coffee allows...

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If you have been around coffee for any amount of time you probably have heard the terms Arabica and Robusta coffee. But what does that mean?Well, to put it simply Arabica and Robusta are terms referring to the "species" which the coffee belongs too. Coffee has well over 100 species but, Arabica and Robusta are the most commonly consumed strands of it. We've compiled a quick list of differences between the 2 species to help you expand your coffee knowledge! Enjoy!1. Taste: Probably the most obvious difference between Arabica and Robusta coffees are the taste. Arabica and Robusta coffees are grown very differently which results in radically different taste profiles (more on this later). Robusta is typically described as a...

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10 Benefit Of Coffee

10 Benefit Of Coffee The aroma of coffee and perfect bitter aftertaste is a perfect relaxation, whether to keep warm during a cold day or cool off during a hot day. Considering the proven health benefits to the human body, coffee has become an essential ingredient to healthy living. Refresh yourself with a cup in a slow afternoon!1) Refreshes the mindSufficient levels of caffeine stimulate the brain and extend the state of alertness. This improves thinking and dexterity, improves concentration, relieves pressure, calms the mind and removes tiredness. Work and study performance is increased.2) Acts as antioxidantsCoffee is rich in caffeine, caffeic acid, chlorogenic acid and other components. These antioxidants are important to remove harmful free radicals in the body, therefore halting...

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