Standard specification of Vietnam Robusta green coffee beans

If you are a buyer or importer of green coffee beans, you will understand clearly the standard specification of Vietnam robusta green coffee beans. But every country, they have a little bit difference in specification. So Tan Mai International Co., Ltd would like to introduce some information follow TCVN 4193:2005 in order that you can choose the good green coffee beans:

- Processing: wet-process, polishing & inwashed (dried)

- Screen: #18, #16, #13

- Moisture: 12.5% max

- Foreign matters: 0.5% max

- Black & broken: 2% max

- Bean side: 90% min

This is standard for a good robusta green coffee beans, you can request factory to make by you requirement. Price is different because of many factors. Cheapest price is not the best quality, please consider your target.

We hope with small knowleage will help you to get the good Vietnam robusta green coffee beans.

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