Information of PREMIUM COFFEE made by Tan Mai International Co Ltd

Welcome to Tan Mai International Co Ltd!

I would like to say thank you to coffee lovers for your time to visit us!

We, Tan Mai International coffee team, are coffee lovers. We all had grown up from coffee farms. We understood from the developing processing of coffee tree to harvesting and keeping, we are trying and efforting everyday to bring the fresh coffee, natural-pure coffee, the best coffee to people who can not plant coffee but they have the right to enjoy original taste of coffee.

Our products deliver special flavours from nature's essence so as to meet the standard of safe and food hygiene warranty requirements

Coffee beans have been carefully selected from the legendary coffee plantations in Gia Lai, Dak Lak (For Robusta), Lam Dong (For Arabica, special Moka), Vietnam

With standard and closed process with modern technology and machine, this allows us to produce amounts of coffee evenly and it surely promises rich natural flavor and the best taste

Taste of our coffee:

- Arabica: intense aroma, good acidity, light brown, lower caffeine content. Our arabica trees (variety Moka) are grown best at altitude above 1000 meters

- Robusta: charming aroma, bitter taste and strong caffeine

Beside, we can combine the ratio robusta and arabica to make other tastes for every market if you want.

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