How to make a delicious coffee cup with French Press?

In Vietnam, we usually use Filter to make coffee at home or small coffee shop. That is Vietnamese style. It is not popular with some other markets. So French Press is a good alternative tool for addicted coffee person at home.

With French Press, you can buy from supermarket or online. That is cheap, small and convenient for using.

How to use French Press?

A. Preparing stage

This is some tool you will use to make a delicious coffee cup:

1. Roasted coffee beans

2. Grinded machine (you can use ground coffee for save time)

3. French Press

4. Water boiler (kettle)

5. Spoon or chopstick to stir coffee powder in french press

6. Cup

A. Instruction/Usage

1. Ginding coffee beans (you can skip this step if you use ground coffee). It depends on number of people, style and sense to get a suitable coffee volume. 

Note: Please grind at coarse level for French Press, not smooth like Espresso

2. Using boil water to wash French Press, cup before putting coffee powder

3. Put coffee powder into French Press

4. Pour 1/3 boiling water (about 85 - 96 degree celsious) into French Press. Stiring well and wait untill coffee absorbes well the water.

5. Add 2/3 boiling water into French Press

6. Gently stir again before put cover

7. Wait 4 minutes more and then press to push coffee go to bottom via membrane filter

8. Pour coffee water into cup, you can add sugar, milk, ice at your favourite taste

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