Instant coffee was invented in 1906 by George C. Washington. He is an Englishman living in Guatemala, and a chemist, also a merchant. George C. Washington who is very passionate about coffee, he usually brewed coffee by his favorite silver brewer. In several times of brewing coffee in the morning, he noticed on the nozzle of the pot builds up a latte coffee thinly sticking to. This aroused in him a new idea about coffee in crystal form, and he began to conduct some experiments. Finally, he found a way to produce crystals dried coffee powder, instant coffee varieties that we still have today. Some others argue that the inventor of instant coffee is Satori Kato's scientists and chemists Japanese Americans living and working in Chicago, is the recipient of this patented product in 1901. According to Wikipedia, the David Strang was patented in 1890, was the one who invented these type coffee products ... Anyway, instant coffee was invented, and it takes a long time with many technologies, technical advances are applied, we have the convenient products with excellent quality.

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