10 Benefit Of Coffee

10 Benefit Of Coffee 

The aroma of coffee and perfect bitter aftertaste is a perfect relaxation, whether to keep warm during a cold day or cool off during a hot day. Considering the proven health benefits to the human body, coffee has become an essential ingredient to healthy living. Refresh yourself with a cup in a slow afternoon!

1) Refreshes the mind

Sufficient levels of caffeine stimulate the brain and extend the state of alertness. This improves thinking and dexterity, improves concentration, relieves pressure, calms the mind and removes tiredness. Work and study performance is increased.

2) Acts as antioxidants

Coffee is rich in caffeine, caffeic acid, chlorogenic acid and other components. These antioxidants are important to remove harmful free radicals in the body, therefore halting the aging effect on cells and tissues.

3) Enhances blood circulatory

Flavonoid in coffee lowers LDL in the bloodstream, dissolves blood clots and prevents its formation. Small amounts of coffee expand the blood vessels, therefore prevents the occurrence of cardiovascular diseases. Higher dosage of coffee increases blood pressure. Coffee also helps to prevent and treat Alzheimer's and Parkinson's diseases.

4) Enhances metabolic functions

Coffee clears up the digestive organs and is beneficial against constipation. It also has positive effects to skin complexion.

5) Combats depression

Low concentrations of caffeine enhance sensory awareness, memory, and emotional well-being. Caffeine also tones up the heart muscles, expands blood vessels and improves blood circulation. This increases metabolism and reduces fatigue.

6) Relieves pain

Coffee is able to relief headaches due to inadequate sleep or a migraine. The effects are especially pronounced if coffee is consumed in the morning or noon.

7) Improves secretion of gastric juice

Coffee speeds up the breakdown of dietary fats and increases metabolism. Sufficient amount of coffee is beneficial in losing body weight.

8) Dispels the effect of alcohol

Coffee speeds up the oxidation of acetaldehyde derived from alcohol, breaking down to water and carbon dioxide to be expelled from the body.

9) Relieves fatigue

Tiredness can be relieved with proper nutrition, rest, and sleep. Coffee also helps by increases metabolic functions.

10) Improves dry eye syndrome

Coffee contains purine. (Purine is used in eye drops to stimulate secretion of tears, which is beneficial to protect the eyes.)

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