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How to make a delicious coffee cup with French Press?

In Vietnam, we usually use Filter to make coffee at home or small coffee shop. That is Vietnamese style. It is not popular with some other markets. So French Press is a good alternative tool for addicted coffee person at home.With French Press, you can buy from supermarket or online. That is cheap, small and convenient for using.How to use French Press?A. Preparing stageThis is some tool you will use to make a delicious coffee cup:1. Roasted coffee beans2. Grinded machine (you can use ground coffee for save time)3. French Press4. Water boiler (kettle)5. Spoon or chopstick to stir coffee powder in french press6. CupA. Instruction/Usage1. Ginding coffee beans (you can skip this step if you use ground coffee). It...

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COIX SEED: Food and Medicine (by Subhuti Dharmananda, Ph.D., Institute for Traditional Medicine, Portland, Oregon)

Coix seed is the common name for the Chinese medicinal material Coix lacryma-jobi seed.  The entire coix plant and its seed pod are commonly called Job’s Tears, which is the English equivalent of the Latin species name (lacryma = tears): the seed pod often has a tear drop appearance.  Linnaeus gave the botanical name in 1753, relying upon an existing popular reference for the tear shaped pods to the Book of Job (e.g., Job said: “before God my eyes drop tears”); it has also been called St. Mary’s tears.   World-wide, this plant is best known for those pods (pericarps), which have a hole naturally occurring at each end, making them a useful source of beads for stringing.  One popular application is making rosaries,...

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Gilac is a coffee brand of Tan Mai International Co Ltd

Good morning!I am Ms. Hanna Ngo - Sales manager, on behaft of Tan Mai International Co Ltd, would like to inform that We, TMC, have just lanched a own coffee brand name: GILAC for roasted coffee beans line, including: roasted robusta coffee beans AAA grade & roasted Arabica coffee beans special variety. We hope that you all will support us to bring this brand to more people.We still produce OEM and sell roasted coffee beans bulk bag for customers, partners. If you have any idea or own requirement, please feel free let us know. All of your orders would be handled with the best care all the times. We are willing to serve your business.Tan Mai International Co Ltd would...

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Information of PREMIUM COFFEE made by Tan Mai International Co Ltd

Welcome to Tan Mai International Co Ltd!I would like to say thank you to coffee lovers for your time to visit us!We, Tan Mai International coffee team, are coffee lovers. We all had grown up from coffee farms. We understood from the developing processing of coffee tree to harvesting and keeping, we are trying and efforting everyday to bring the fresh coffee, natural-pure coffee, the best coffee to people who can not plant coffee but they have the right to enjoy original taste of coffee.Our products deliver special flavours from nature's essence so as to meet the standard of safe and food hygiene warranty requirementsCoffee beans have been carefully selected from the legendary coffee plantations in Gia Lai, Dak Lak...

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How to make Espresso without an espresso machine

Here are way to make espresso at home withour espresso machine:What you’ll need:AeropressFreshly roasted coffee beansAutomatic GrinderScale for coffee measuring (or a tablespoon)Electric Gooseneck Kettle or Stovetop KettleAeropress Coffee and Espresso MakerLet's starting:Heat up the water. Heat some water to 185 degrees F (85 C), removing for 30 seconds after for roughly the ideal temperature. You’ll want to heat up more water than what’s called for in the recipe since you’ll end up measuring out 4 fl oz (or 1⁄2 cup/120 ml) of the heated water in a later step. Note: the perfect water temperature for brewing coffee is 205 degrees F (96 C), or almost boiling. However, with an Aeropress, you can play with any temperature between 185 – 205...

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